Robin Hood and his merry men fight the cuts - 11 June 2011


On Saturday 11 June in Angel, north London, Robin Hood and his merry men joined a Speak Out Against the Cuts event, targeting the Angel branch of the Royal Bank of Scotland, recipient of £45 billion of public money in the 2008 bail out.

The event was called by FRFI and publicised via the UK Uncut website. Protestors highlighted the role of RBS and other banks in precipitating the capitalist crisis, and the fact that saving the banks is a priority for the British government, at the expense of the public services that millions of ordinary people depend on.

While the poor will be hit hardest by cuts to council funding (26% over the next four years) and the gradual privatisation of the NHS, rich bankers are still receiving their bonuses ( £9 billion in total this past Xmas alone) as they carry on their unproductive speculation.

It's clear that the poor are being robbed to pay for the crisis of the rich, so some Robin Hood spirit was  needed to redress the balance and defend the public sector.

With their green costumes, bows, arrows and swords, Robin Hood's gang invaded the RBS foyer on horseback and chanted their disdain for cuts. privatisation and job losses.

FRFI pledges to continue its street campaign to fight the propaganda, spread by Condem and Labour politicans alike, that we have to accept the cuts. The recent Sunday Times Rich List confirmed that the wealth of the richest 1,000 individuals in Britain increased by 18% during 2010. We are 'not all in this together'.

To get involved in active campaigning against the cuts get in touch via the 'contact us' section above.



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