Event report – Speak Out Against the Cuts – 21 May 2011

Event report – Speak Out Against the Cuts – 21 May 2011
On 21 May, Angel in North London was the scene of a vibrant street rally against the cuts, called by the RCG and supported by hundreds of passers by angry at cuts to services and welfare rights.

RCG supporters set up a stall with colourful banners and a sound system, which they used to talk about the cuts in the context of a deliberate attack against working class living standards. We are clearly not all in this together when the real incomes and standard of life for most people in the country are falling, while those on the Sunday Times Rich List managed to increase their wealth by 18% over the past year. Passers by stopped to sign a petition and take leaflets about a local anti- cuts meeting in Holloway on Weds 1st June.

In Islington borough (which includes Angel) the Labour-led council is implementing £52 million of cuts this year alone, axing 350 jobs and slashing services for young parents and the elderly.

The same story is repeated across London and the country – ConDem cuts are being passed on by pliant councils, including Labour ones.

Let’s follow the example of the people of Spain, who are taking to the streets to reject cuts to services and to demand a break with their mainstream parties.

We will not pay for the capitalist crisis!

Come and join us at the meeting in Holloway on Weds 1 June. Details here: