Exposing the BBC's lies about Venezuela


On Saturday 18 June 2017 the Revolutionary Communist Group and Rock Around The Blockade organised a picket of BBC Broadcasting House in central London to denounce its mendacious coverage of the struggle for socialism in Venezuela.

Having picketed The Guardian for the same reason in May, the RCG and RATB targeted the BBC because this unashamed mouthpiece for imperialism spreads blatant lies about the Bolivarian Revolution in order to justify ongoing attempts at a fascistic counter-revolution.

Curiously enough, even if Venezuelan Presidents Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro have always been presented as 'ruthless dictators' by the BBC, the British media have usually taken little interest in the indisputable progress brought about by the Boliarian Revolution. However, seizing on the renewed counter-revolutionary efforts of the Mesa de Unidad Democrática (MUD), the opposition's coalition, the British media have suddenly remembered Venezuela’s existence.

The many lies include blaming all the victims of street violence on the government, ignoring the role of right-wing rioters and paramilitary groups. The BBC also makes the government fully responsible for the economic problems facing Venezuela. Of course, there are many reasons, but the BBC chooses to ignore the food hoarding and sabotage of local production by private companies, which remain in control of around 70% of the country's economy.

Socialists from various parts of the world joined the RCG and RATB to show solidarity with the people of Venezuela and to denounce the British media's lies. We had various speeches on our open microphone, exposing the double standards and economic interests of rich BBC executives, while playing Venezuelan revolutionary music.

Four or five MUD supporters turned up to form a counter-protest but, as in Venezuela, they were easily outnumbered. The opposition weren't there to debate us, but to shout nonsensical slogans such as ‘BBC tells the truth’ and ‘Cuban hands off Venezuela’. We were flattered by this compliment regarding socialist Cuba's international influence.

The simple truth is that imperialist powers such as Britain and the US want Latin America's resources and labour to sustain themselves. Many of the Guerra Sucia or 'Dirty War' tactics used against revolutionary movements in Nicaragua, Cuba and Chile are being seen again in Venezuela.

¡Chávez vive, la lucha sigue!

Venezuela: Solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution

venezuela gurdian
20 May: RFG/RATB protest outside the Guardian London offices against their hostile reporting of events in Venezuela and the achievements of Bolivarian Revolution

In May, a Venezuelan street vendor named Orlando Figuera was murdered by masked anti-government protesters in the affluent Altamira neighbourhood of East Caracas, the epicentre of right-wing violence. He was surrounded, beaten and stabbed before being doused in petrol and set alight. As a black, working-class Venezuelan, Figuera was representative of many of those enfranchised by the Bolivarian revolutionary movement. Other Afro-Venezuelans have also been singled out, burned and beaten to death. Fascist gangs have kidnapped and assassinated prominent trade unionists and community activists, whilst snipers have targeted socialist rallies. The gruesome attack on Figuera is a taste of what will come if the opposition overthrows the democratically-elected government of Nicolas Maduro and the United Socialist Party (PSUV). Sam McGill reports.

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Standing in solidarity with Venezuela! (+Photos)

venezuela solidarity 7

The Revolutionary Communist Group stands in solidarity with the Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela! Defend the struggle for socialism against the US backed opposition whose violent protests have resulted in the deaths of over 42 people.

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Venezuela: Behind the media lies

- Supporters of Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! Manchester held a Venezuela solidarity protest on 22 April against the growing threat of a Trump-backed coup against the socialist government. Passers by stopped to sign the petition and Palestine solidarity activists came to show support after a picket for the hunger striking prisoners in Israeli jails.

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venezuela solidarity 5

venezuela solidarity 0

- On Mayday, FRFI students in Salford joined the TUC march and called on others to mobilise in defence of the Venezuelan revolutionary process.

- In Newcastle, Jorge L Garcia, consellor from the Embassy of Cuba, joined RCG comrades at a Mayday rally to defend Venezuela.

venezuela solidarity 1

Whilst in London the comrades took to the streets with the Cuban and Venezuelan flags, calling for solidarity with the Bolivarian revolution.

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venezuela solidarity 2

venezuela solidarity 6

No to foreign intervention - Hands off Venezuela! Defend the struggle for socialism!

Venezuela: Behind the media lies

Marcha chavista
PSUV supporters mobilise against vicious counter-revolutionary attacks

Opposition violence wreaks death and destruction in renewed coup attempt

Venezuela’s bourgeois opposition has once again taken to the streets in violent scenes of chaos and destruction with the aim of toppling President Maduro and the United Socialist Party (PSUV) government. Since 4 April several of its marches have ended with gangs of right-wing thugs setting up burning barricades and attacking public housing projects, hospitals, schools, health centres, transport systems and government offices. To date at least 31 people have been killed. The imperialist media and privately-owned Venezuelan press dishonestly portray these masked groups as ‘pro-democracy’ protesters facing down repression from the government; inevitably, they completely censor the mass mobilisations by working class supporters of the Bolivarian government. These lies, disseminated across the globe, are designed to provide the ideological framework for what is in reality a coordinated attempt at a right-wing coup.

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The Venezuelan Supreme Court and the MUD Coalition’s persistent rejection of legality

venezuelan parliamentary cop attend

On 29 March the Venezuelan Supreme Court (TSJ) ruled that it had to assume Congress’s functions directly ‘to ensure the rule of law’ for an ‘interim period’. Contrary to the lies of CNN and other imperialist propaganda organs, this was not the ‘dissolution of Congress’. The ruling was made as a result of a serious impasse because legislation had been passed including the votes of three illegally-elected opposition MUD representatives, in contempt of the Supreme Court’s rulings. The Supreme Court decision provided an excuse for a storm of anti-socialist opinion in the Americas and caused disagreements in President Maduro’s Great Patriotic Pole alliance. On 31 March the President asked that the ruling be reconsidered, and it was subsequently withdrawn.

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