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Argentina: new president, continuing misery

FRFI 173 June / July 2003

eu referendum

The ruling class brought the presidential election forward by six months to forestall growing grassroots action. Now, under slogans of ‘no more social spending’ and ‘security is a priority’, the state has directed more intense attacks on the organisations of the poor. Read more


Who owns England: questions answered and questions unasked

The Myth of Capitalism cover blur min

Despite the limitations in the scope of his investigations, Shrubsole’s book is a wonderful read and a great achievement. It is a heartfelt plea for proper, equitable land use, restoration of the damaged environment and an end to the secrecy surrounding land ownership.


A Message from the Bolivarian Students of Venezuela


The Fundación Jorge Rodríguez Padre through its 4F school TV Channel, has created this video piece with a message from the true Bolivarian youth that want to work, who believe in education and in the opportunities offered by the Bolivarian Revolution and XXI Century Socialism.

http://www.vtv.gob.ve/ | | https://twitter.com/VTVcanal8 | | https://www.facebook.com/VTVoficial | | https://www.youtube.com/MultimedioVTV | | http://instagram.com/VTVcanal8


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